How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners In 2020

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners In 2020

In this post i will be explaining exactly how here on MonkeyBlogger.com we make money and how you can also make money with these simple step by step tutorial for FREE but before i start do not forget to get our FREE Training on How To Make Money Online With A Blog In 2020 Here

The best way on How To Make Money BLogging is by having a blog and starting a niche blog and just start creating niche content and do not worry , i’ll explain exactly on how to do this FOR FREE and just follow the simple steps.!


Let’s start by creating a blog from 0 , first thing you need is a Niche Blog. So before we start , first write down what would you like to talk about on your blog that you know others would love to read? What do you like? Is it Sports? Is it Making Money Online Topics? Is it dating?

That would be your first TO DO LIST is to make a list of the best thing you would love to talk about and write it down to make an idea , like an example here on MonkeyBlogger.com we love to talk about making money ways. Now its your turn to find out what would you like to talk about?


So , again How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners In 2020 ?

Now let’s start creating your blog , before we do you should by now know exactly what would your blog be about. Now if you do have that then let’s start creating your blog with this simple steps.

  1. Go go BlueHost Here (Best Hosting)

Now next step is to click on Get Started so we can start creating your blog from 0 , now the best thing about BlueHost is that you can also buy the Domain Name which is our next step. But let’s follow step by step..

2. Choose Your Hosting Package

Now everyone choose the Choice Plus one but honestly you can go with the Basic because you are starting out and im sure it will take time for your site to have authority so the best package for you right now is Basic one which is only $3.95 a month. Pretty cool stuff.

3. Buying A Domain Name (FREE)

Now it is your turn to pick a domain name, what would your website be? What’s the name you would love to put to your website so that way you can create content from it and make money blogging! Pick one. And again this is How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners In 2020

4. Completing Your Blogging Process

You must complete these part so Bluehost knows you are real, do not worry they will not share any of your information it is SECURED!

Down below you will see this make sure your Account Plan it is on 12 months, not 36 or more but if you can pay 32 more months it’s okay but honestly I always pick 12 months and then I just pay it annually. Usually, hostings are Monthly but this is why I love Bluehost because it’s annually.

And finally, make sure you have only the Domain Privacy on because you don’t want people seeing your information and none of that so if you put that one on your information will be secured which is what we want.


Okay, now the fun starts. Its time to go and install WordPress for you so you can start making money from home. Trust me its only one-time setup and then you are DONE! So let’s follow here:

Next, you will need to install it and click Install

After that, you will need to choose a domain which is the new one you got!

If necessary, you can edit the email address, username, and password for the new WordPress installation

Do not forget you will have new details information save that so that you can log in to your WordPress which is honestly where you will be uploading content for you to make money.

To login to your WordPress just go to yourdomain.com/wp-admin


Alright now you know how to install websites and honestly, it was pretty simple right? Now let’s talk money because honestly, you are here for that right? Okay, first let me just show you real quick how to upload a post on your blog it’s simple do not worry we will go to make money subject very soon!

That is how easy you can start creating a Post, just click on Posts and then Add New and you are ready to go.

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners In 2020

First, you already have your niche, now its all up to you to make the money and how you will say? Well, you have to signup on Affiliate Marketing of your niche. And to do that its very simple just go to Google and search your niche and next to it Affiliate Marketing, let’s do an example.

Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing

That is it , where i put make money online is my niche you will put your niche i have no idea what is your niche that is why i did that.

After you do that , you will need to create content about that specific product which is very very close to your niche or it is your niche. And in every single post you make you will have to put your links of affiliate in it. But you can not sound so SPAMMY! not good.

That is how we do it here on MonkeyBlogger we give alot of content for free , in return we do Affiliate Marketing and its the best way to make money online.

If you would like to be an expert of Affiliate Marketing you can take the same course that i took HERE and it helped me ALOT!

Now , its time for you to take ACTION do not GIVE UP DO NOT!!! just do it and you will see how your life will change. Just don’t give up.

Now you probably saying okay cool but where do i get these affiliate links? Okay after you do the Search on Google about let’s say your niche is about music you can put Music Affiliate Programs you will see a good list of affiliate programs just for you to promote and make money thanks to the stuff you already love!

Another great website to do is ClickBank , you can go signup and start looking for your niche , you can always comment below and let us know what is your niche to give you a good idea or even a website for your products.

The main thing here is to give content good good content and not to be spammy , if you help others your blog will be amazing! You need to help others so your blog can be Bright and keep growing and growing


Now this truth not alot of people will like , but i have to say this. Blogging can take months or years for you to see passive income thanks to your blog. But i have to give you this one trick that can help you speed up the process and for you to make money even faster.

Upload Content Every Single Day! If you do this and make a goal that you will do this straight for 60 to 90 days you will start getting traffic to your blog and people clicking on your links and even better , you will have FANS! real ones. So what are you waiting for? Go get your money!



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