Content Samurai vs Instant Wideo Wizard

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Both applications are cloud based and the apparatuses can be gotten to anyplace you have a web association. So there’s no distinction there.

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The main contrast is in the rendering times because of the intensity of the servers each assistance employments. I haven’t utilized the two apparatuses severely, as it were, to test such contrasts, yet my sense is that Instant Video Wizard is more slow at rendering finished recordings than Content Samurai. This could be because of the enormous number of individuals who are largely getting it and testing it out and utilizing it simultaneously!

The strategy for making recordings is the equivalent and it would seem that Instant Video Wizard (IVW) is a clone of Content Samurai. The applications originate from totally various organizations and I think Jon Leger, who’s behind IVW utilized the vibe of Content Samurai recordings and attempted to enhance those.

In both applications, you glue in a book content which gets transformed into slides, with each slide demonstrating two or three lines of content.

Both applications additionally auto-select foundation pictures to use on slides, in light of watchwords in the content on that slide. Moment Video Wizard allows you to calibrate the catchphrases for a slide so you can get increasingly pertinent foundation pictures.

Both applications likewise permit to choose a particular picture to use on a slide.

In Content Samurai, pictures are added to auto-fit the width of a slide. This can bring about the top and additionally base of a slide being edited. IVW appears to auto-fit pictures into the slide which can bring about contorted pictures (individuals can look short, fat and ultra-wide yet none of the picture is trimmed).

For a touch of dynamism, Content Samurai permits foundation pictures to zoom in or out. Moment Video Wizard rather permits foundation pictures, and the content segment of slides to slide in and out from different headings (for example foundation picture slides in from the left and content slides in from the right).

Moment Video Wizard additionally gives a huge number of energized foundations that can be added to slides, a choice as of late added to Content Samurai.

Both applications additionally enable you to situate content at the middle, top, base, left or right of a slide. Each slide can have its content situated separately.

Both applications likewise give sovereignty free music tracks to include you your recordings. Moment Video Wizard has a large number of tracks, ordered by music classification though Content Samurai just has a couple of several tracks.

Both applications enable you to transfer your own music track should you lean toward that choice.

Once more, both applications enable you to record your very own voiceover or to transfer a pre-recorded voiceover.

Moment Video Wizard’s Extras

Notwithstanding the a lot bigger libraries of foundation pictures, enlivened foundations and music tracks, Instant Video Wizard likewise contains a library of a huge number of PLR articles on a tremendous scope of subjects.

In this way, in case you’re at any point stuck for a content for a video, you can simply import one of these articles and get moving.

UPDATE: Motion foundations are presently accessible in Content Samurai. There’s a library of more than 700,000 to browse which accompanies your membership.

Moment Video Wizard likewise incorporates bleeding edge content to-discourse innovation so in the event that you would prefer not to record your very own voice, you can utilize one of the 14 English (Male and Female) voices (in USA, British, Australian, Indian and Welsh flavors)


Instant Video Wizard is $47 every month.

Content Samurai is ordinarily $47 every month except there’s a 25% rebate through this uncommon connection, so you’d pay $35/mth.

Both of these online video makers were at first significantly more costly. Contending in a similar market has implied that the membership charges have descended altogether. Uplifting news for us customers.

Moment Video Wizard was at first $497/year during its dispatch stage. At that point, from that point forward, the value rose to $997/year. After interests by potential clients, the $97/month charge was presented. That at that point dropped to $67/month and dropped again to the current $47/month cost.

Content Samurai was initially $97/month yet after Instant Video Wizard was discharged they dropped the ordinary expense to $47/month where it presently stands. The 25% OFF coupon diminishes that expense to $35/month.


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